Old50 Photography | Outdoor Sessions

Outdoor Session Pricing:


Individual & Family Sessions:

"The Quickie"  (15-20 minute session)

1 location of our choice, (generally at convenient locations near our studio or our home.) 3 - 5 retouched images. Individual = $65.00 / Family (2-6 people) = $100.00

"The Anytime Mini"

1 location of your choice, or a location selected by us if you prefer. 8 - 10 retouched images. Individual = $100.00 / Family (2-6 people) $150.00

"Standard Session" (best value)

2-3 locations of your choice, or locations selected by us if you prefer, 30 - 40 retouched images. Individual = $250 / Family (2-6 people) = $300.00

"Senior Session"

A full session tailored for high school seniors. Includes up to 3 locations. and 50 - 60 retouched images. $300. This session can also include a mixture of indoor shots as well at our studio space. 


All sessions include a free digital download pass to download all of the final full resolution retouched images from your session at no additional cost above the session fee. A DVD or flash drive is available on request for a processing fee of $15.00. For anything that falls outside of the options listed, such as large group sessions, weddings, events, and anything else unlisted, please give us a call for a quote based on your needs. Please see our “Outdoor Session Pricing” link for pricing options on outdoor sessions.

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Thank you for considering O5P!!!!

*Check back often, as pricing and session options are subject to change.